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Company Profile

    Founded in 2010, Liaoning Yutime Petrochemical Co., LTD. is located in the Taian Economic District in Liaoning Province. With petrochemical senior technicians as core staff in its R&D and management sectors it is a highly competent private enterprise which has continued to grow in influence.

    The project “The annual deep processing of 3 million tons of heavy oil to produce 200 thousand tons of butanol and octanol” which was invested and constructed by Yutime Petrochemical, was one of the 28 major industrial projects of Liaoning province which began in 2014. The project covers an area of 1100 mu and has received a total investment of 5.17 billion Yuan to date.

    The first phase of the project required an injection of more than 2 billion Yuan in financial capital and was operational by the second half of 2015. After reaching its target output, the project’s sales revenues were projected to be up to 18.17 billion Yuan while its tax fees were approximately 400 million Yuan. The scheme was thought to be highly beneficial to the local economy, helping over 1000 people find employment.

    Based on the first phase, the second phase of the project expanded capacity from 3 million tons to 6 million tons. In this phase, a total investment of 6 billion Yuan was guaranteed, allowing the project to cover a greater area of 2100 mu. After its completion, the project’s GAV was forecast to be 46.9 billion yuan. This second phase of the project was planned to start construction within the first half of 2015 and is hoped to be operational towards the end of 2016.

    Under the principle of being “People-oriented, Scientific and Innovative”, Yutime Petrochemical continues to invest in its highly skilled workforce to further the companys potential while its numerous work projects grow in size and importance. Yutime Petrochemical guarantees to further its cooperation with domestic universities and research institutes to develop the best talent and achieve the most desirable outcomes. By constructing new research centers and testing facilities, Yutime Petrochemical will focus on developing and encouraging the best ideas so to further the companys scientific strength and potential. This will help ensure lay a solid foundation for the company where it is envisaged in the future Yutime Petrochemical will become a leading figure in the petrochemical field within Liaoning, perhaps even across the whole nation, as a listed company.

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